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The ImageZebra Platform

The ImageZebra platform has been developed to track and improve the image quality of capture devices. It includes the following components:

The ImageZebra Website

Our website is the central component of the platform. At its core, it rates a scan of a test target against the FADGI General Collections specification, and allows the user to set acceptance criteria for their scans. The website tracks the performance of capture devices over time, and constructs corrections to improve device performance. With institutional partners and collaboration in mind, users who belong to a common organization have visibility of a common set of devices and results, but individualized settings and access control.

The ImageZebra Native Client

For users who can benefit from utilizing an onsite software tool to automate tracking of image quality, we provide the ImageZebra Native Client. We work with our customers to integrate the Native Client into their processes, often taking advantage of a monitored "hot folder" workflow similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. For those with more advanced needs, we offer a REST API enabling full programmatic access to our platform.

The ImageZebra ImageProcessing Technology

Based on many years of industry experience in image quality and high performance image processing, the technology built into ImageZebra results in superior corrections for optimal image quality.

System Features

ImageZebra Website

Current Features:

Coming Soon:

Future features:

ImageZebra Image Processing Technology

Target identification


Getting Started with ImageZebra

(Last updated: 07/07/2021)

ImageZebra easily lets you check the health of your image capture system. You can get going in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Get your system ready.

ImageZebra works by evaluating the captured images of calibrated test targets. So, in order to use the system you need to do a few things:

1) Get a physical test target

ImageZebra supports several different test targets. Use of high quality targets is an important first step in characterizing the quality of an image capture system. If you don't have a test target, one can be obtained from Image Science Associates.

2) Capture test target images

Use your image capture system (scanner or camera) to capture an image of the test target. If you don't have a test target yet, you can download a few samples here:

GoldenThread_A.jpg GoldenThread_B.jpg

Step 2: Set up your ImageZebra account

Getting going with the ImageZebra platform is very easy:

1) Create an ImageZebra account.

It's easy to create an account. Once you do this, you can use ImageZebra to assess your test target images.

2) Set your preferences

The ImageZebra Settings panel is used to let the user set the desired "passing" tolerances for the various metrics. This allows the user to adjust the tolerances based on the particular circumstances of that capture device.

Step 3: Check your device

The Check Now page of ImageZebra lets you upload an image of a test target, and view the results. Uploads can be done by simply dragging and dropping an image onto "Zach", the ImageZebra, or by clicking the "Upload a file" button, and browsing to the image file.


2016 FADGI Guidelines (pdf, 5 MB)
GoldenThread target image (tif, 16 MB)

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